The following rules are what I have used previously and should be used as guidance only, your game may differ from this slightly and that is fine.

q. What happens if my team scores more than 21 goals?
a. The winning team must score 21 goals at the end of their game e.g. If Preston have scored 19 goals over 7 weeks and they win 3-0 in their next match…..they are bust! If they had won the match 2-0 they would have won the prize pot.

q. What happens if 2 teams score 21 goals?
a. The prize pot will be shared between both teams.

q. When does the week start?
a. The week will start every Friday.

q. If my team kicks off at 12:45 and get 21 goals, is the round over?
a. The winner will be checked at the end of each day.  If multiple team have got to 21 on the same day, it will be a draw.

q. When does the next round start?
a. The round will always start at the next week e.g. If a team wins on Sunday, the next scores will be added from the following Friday. Any results in between will be voided e.g. if Preston win on Saturday, any matches on Sunday-Thursday will be void and the next round will being on the following Friday.

q. Someone has the team I want
a. Tough, once you have a team it is yours to give up. If they miss payment or voluntarily switch teams, they will become available.

q. My team are rubbish, can I change?
a. Only at the end of an round. You can reserve a team at any point and you will be switched at the next round (if the team are available). Be careful though, once a reservation has been confirmed, it cannot be changed.

q. How long does an round take and how much can I win
a. It depends on your weekly ante and how many players you have.  Typically each round takes around 8 weeks and there are around 5 rounds a season.

q. How do I know if I have won and can I keep up to date?
a. Keep checking this website!

q. My team was 4-0 up and the match was abandoned, do these goals count?
a. Nope, sorry, only goals in completed matches count.

q. My team won 6-0 in the cup, do these goals count?
a. Nope, sorry, only goals scored in the league count.

q. Are playoff matches included?
a. No.

q. What happens towards the end of the season if there are not enough weeks to score 21 goals?
a. The team with the highest score (under 21) will win in the last round.

q. My question is not on this list
a. Tweet me FootballPontoon